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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mountwood Park, West Virginia

I started the biking trip with a LONG drive from Michigan to West Virginia.
Woke up the next morning at headed over to Mountwood Park to start to see how out of shape I was.
When I arrived at the Park Main Office, I was told there were no trail maps available - and they really needed to send out to get more copies made.  FORTUNATELY, I did some pre-work and printed off a map I found online (Thank You, River Valley Mountain Bike Association!!!!).  The map I printed out was much smaller than the one that should have been available at the Park - but it was certainly better than not having anything (thank you work printer!  ;)  )

Here is the trail map from online:

I started out at the main parking area on Volcano Road.

Unloaded the bike.
And set up the solar shower.
I mounted my bike (that sounds dirty), headed out of the parking lot, crossed Volcano Road and jumped onto Copperhead Trail.

Here are pictures from the trail....

The trails are well marked at each of the intersections.

A final trail shot with the bike in the foreground:
Mountainwood Park has a Submariner's Memorial located at one of the park entrances, along with a FREE shooting range for locals.
A good start to the trip, with great weather.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Back on THE GRID!!!

FINALLY! I am actually heading out on another biking excursion. This time, the GOAL is to ride in West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland. Gonna be scorching hot!!!!

Gotsta ride Vultures Knob, OH

On the way back from Pennsylvania, I made sure to swing by Vultures Knob in Wooster, OH.

The "KNOB" is kinda hard to find....
One ends up driving down some windy country roads, and the only sign pointing to the dirt road entrance is this:

Rolling down the entrance to the Vultures Knob - you pass "THE LAWS":

Heading up into the mowed grass parking lot, there is a GIGANTIC log that has a pretty easy "up-n-over" that makes you think the trail isn't going to be that bad.

After the ride, you can hang out in the LIZARD LOUNGE.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lucky Number 13 - Pennsylvania

Just last week I was fortunate enough to mountain bike in my 13th State! Lucky number 13 was Pennsylvania. With the advice of some locals, I was pointed in the direction to ride Moraine State Park in Portersville, PA.
The best information (and Trail Video) available on this awesome ride is located at This is the Pittsburgh Off-road Cyclists Club.

The trail system was extremely technical, and had way more rocks than I am used to seeing!!

The trail crossed the "NORTH COUNTRY TRAIL" a number of times, and it was a perfect day for a ride!

Sorry for the "darker" pics... It was very shaded on the trail from the great canopy of trees.

Here are some additional general single track photo's from Moraine, and in the third photo below - you did have to ride up the huge rock!

The group that works on this trail obviously does a fantastic job! The bridges, skinnies, etc were in great shape:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its a TENnessee

April, and snow in Tennessee... Crazy.
Thats what I get for going there on spring break!
Spent one full day riding the trails.
The rugrat walked me off to hit the trailhead early one morning-

There was a nice amount of snowfall overnight, so when i started riding - the trails were pretty white.

Excellent single track with a ton of rocks and logs on the trail, which gets mighty slick when wet!

Man, I got really squirrely sliding around on this:

Awesome riding in Tennessee, with legs-O-burning from all the hill climbing!
Not really much to say, but some awesome closing pictures from the trip.